Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations

Pet Shop Boys: Covers & Quotations
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Year: 2015

United States

4:01 Suburbia (Baker 7 Inch)
5:22 Love Comes Quickly (Stimulation Remix)
4:20 Before (Tenaglia Radio Mix)
3:43 I Wouldn´t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Pitch 7 Inch Mix)
3:34 Break For Love (Pink Noise Mix)
7:30 Paninaro '95 (Alternative Version)
4:01 DJ Culture (The Grid 7 Inch Remix)
3:49 Minimal (Rosario Radio Mix)
3:37 Did You See Me Coming (Rosario Radio Mix)
4:24 Where The Streets Have No Name (7 Inch Dance Mix)
4:02 So Hard (Dub Edit)
20:56 It´s A Sin (Director´s Cut)

CD US (TurtleStar Records USA; CAT 437-825 Y4R) [bootleg]

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