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Closer To Heaven demos

Year: 2000

CD 5 tracks promo limited edition
[Q: 150]

4:04 Positive Role Model (studio version)
3:23 Friendly Fire (new version)
5:03 Shameless [Alternative version]
4:38 K-Hole (demo version)
4:21 For All Of Us (studio version)


CD UK (PSBP/RUG/10th Planet; ??) [x160; "Five titles from Closer To Heaven"]

CD 19 tracks demo
[Q: 225]

5:20 For Your Own Good [Nightlife version with full fade]
3:20 Something Special (demo)
3:39 A Little Black Dress (demo)
3:20 In Denial [Nightlife version]
5:03 Shameless [Alternative version]
3:05 Nine Out Of Ten (demo)
3:58 Call Me Old Fashioned (demo)
3:43 This Is Just My Little Tribute To Caligula, Darling (demo)
3:06 Hedonism (studio version)
3:23 Friendly Fire (new version)
2:25 In Denial Part 2 (demo)
2:13 Tall Thin Men (studio version)
4:43 Vampires [Nightlife version]
4:21 The Only One [Nightlife version]
4:44 Out Of My System (demo)
6:00 K-hole (extended demo)
4:22 For All Of Us (studio version)
4:05 Closer To Heaven [Nightlife version]
4:26 Positive Role Model (demo)


CD UK (RUG/10th Planet; ??)

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