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Please / Actually

Year: 1996

[Q: 45]

3:32 Two Divided By Zero
4:41 West End Girls
3:43 Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
4:18 Love Comes Quickly
5:07 Suburbia
0:32 Opportunities (reprise)
4:30 Tonight Is Forever
3:55 Violence
4:04 I Want A Lover
2:44 Later Tonight
4:39 Why Don't We Live Together

5:28 One More Chance
4:17 What Have I Done To Deserve This?
3:37 Shopping
5:09 Rent
4:44 Hit Music
5:17 It Couldn't Happen Here
4:59 It's A Sin
5:09 I Want To Wake Up
3:58 Heart
5:11 King's Cross


2xCD AUS (EMI Music Australia; 7243-814769-2 5) [black ps w/small album pics]

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They shut the road through the woods seventy years ago. Weather and rain have undone it again, and now you would never know there was once a road through the woods
The way through the woods