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1 July 2019

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Elusively 2 - Continued


6:58 Violence (funkfx extended mix)
6:41 Metamorphosis (coming out extended mix)
7:36 Euroboy (wait for the hardcore rhythm mix)
10:34 I Want To Wake Up (1998 epic adventure)
5:56 It Always Comes As A Surprise (subtle version)
8:11 We All Feel Better In The Dark (sexual version)
6:01 One In A Million (10 to the 6th power mix)
7:03 Miserablism (w.y.s.i.w.y.s. extended mix)
8:06 One Thing Leads To Another (extended mix)
5:21 The End Of The World (2 late version)


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Sooner or later this happens to everyone
Love comes quickly